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  There is still time, Repent! There is still time to look at the Savior of our souls, To trust Him and turn away from our sinful lifestyle… There is still time, And so sounds the alarm! Come there is still time, Come wisdom and holiness are calling, Come all you who are heavy laden, … Continue reading …AND SO SOUNDS THE ALARM!

  David Brainerd He was only 29 when he died...his gravestone simply says, "A faithful and laborious missionary to the Stockbridge, Delaware and Susquehanna tribes of Indians." But in truth David Brainerd's life sacrifice reached out and touched the whole world, challenging more people into Christian service than perhaps any other man that ever lived. … Continue reading Fasting And Prayer-David Brainerd

Fasting And Prayer-David Brainerd

Our God

Our God is Firm and Strong, An Unshakeable Fortress in the city, With a strong and powerful countenance, The Father Whose words never fail, They do not fall to the ground. He will not ever break His covenant, For He is Faithful, So as He said it, shall be, Forever Daddy establish the work of our hands. Let us rejoice in Your faithfulness, For it covers us and keeps us secured, We are safe under Your wings, We boast in Your love for us... Because You are trustworthy God, We rely on You for everything, For strength and for deliverance. Take us out of the path of our enemies Oh Lord, Work in our favour, Establish us as Your people, Yes,Your very own!


Be a great leader, And people will follow you with joy, Not so they become like parasites, Drawing the life away from you, But so they are eventually launched out, As rocket ships, but into all the world, Passing forward the same leadership spirit, Onto other followers. You can follow with foolishness, And you can … Continue reading Leader